Counseling for Adults & Adolescents in Geneva

Counseling is a healthy way to achieve a more fulfilling, balanced life. I believe that everybody can benefit from therapy if they are willing to face their difficulties and connect to themselves in new ways.

Wellness Counseling may be right for you if you are looking for stress management – better relationships – support during life transitions – improving work or school life – help with anxiety, depression, or eating disorders – processing trauma – higher self-esteem and self-confidence – a safe space for guided personal development.

Some people may not have specific goals in mind, but may have the feeling that something is not right and would like to explore possible patterns and solutions. Those who will most benefit from my services are those seeking personal growth.

About Me

Melissa Pollick, Psychological Counselor in Geneva

I offer a warm and safe environment for those wanting support. Acting as a guide to gain deeper insight into feelings, thoughts, and reactions, we will work together to help identify old or current patterns while creating new ones. Using a person-centered, holistic approach allows me to tailor therapy to each individual I work with.

It’s hard to suffer and also to heal alone. Let me help you.

Melissa Pollick, M.A.

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