Master of Counseling – Webster University Geneva (CH)

Bachelor of Psychology – University of Toledo (US)

Continuing Education

2018 – Campus Pride Safe Space Program, Online Training (US)

2018 – Creating an Intentionally Inclusive Therapy Practice, Good Therapy Webinar (US)

2018 – Multicultural Counseling with Immigrant and Refugee Communities, American Counseling Association Webinar (US)

2017 – Helping Clients Work Through the Negatives of Their Perfectionism, Workplace Options Webinar (US)

2017 – Counseling Couples After Pregnancy : Intimacy and Sexuality, Good Therapy Webinar (US)

2017 – Hakomi Method Workshop, with Sophie Cattier, Geneva (CH)

2017 -Supporting Clients Dealing with Chronic Illness and Health Crisis, Workplace Options Webinar (US)

2017 – Internal Family Systems, PESI Healthcare, Geneva (CH)

2016 – European Branch American Counseling Association Conference, Bellevue, Switzerland (CH)

2016 – Healing Couples from the Betrayal of an Affair, The Gottman Institute Webinar (US)

2016 – Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 Training, The Gottman Institute (US)

2016 – Helping Clients Deal with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, Workplace Options Webinar (US)

2016 – Helping Clients with Workplace Stress and Bullying, Workplace Options Webinar (US)

2016 – Providing Psychological First Aid to Victims of Trauma, Workplace Options Webinar (US)

2014 – Syncing: Problem-Solving in Intimate Relationships, Webster University with Chitra Subrahmanian, Ph.D, Bellevue, Switzerland (CH)

2012 – European Association of Counselling Conference, Bellevue, Geneva (CH)

2012 – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course, Geneva Mindfulness with Karl Duffy, Bellevue, Geneva (CH)

2012 – The Impact of Suicide, Webster University, Bellevue, Geneva (CH)

2011 – Conference on Supporting Individuals & Families in Transition, Webster University, Geneva (CH)

 2011 – Conference on Depression on College Campuses, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan (US)

2010-2011 – Coursework towards a Masters of Counseling,
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan (US)

2009 – The Disease Concept of Alcoholism, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio (US)

2009 – Military 101: Working With This Unique Population, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio (US)

2008 – Why Media Characterizations of Gender and Race Matter, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio (US)