no 1My name is Melissa Pollick and I’ve been working as a psychological counselor since 2011, establishing my own counseling practice, Wellness Counseling Geneva, in 2014. Since then, I’ve been able to support countless individuals and couples during times of stress and transition, as well as provide guidance for issues such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

What I appreciate most in my work is creating a genuine connection with each person I work with.

I’m American and have been living in Geneva since 2011. I have experienced what it’s like being an expat, living abroad in several countries including Switzerland, Ireland, and Germany. These experiences have allowed me to deeply understand the dynamics of international relocation on individuals and families.

Therapeutic Techniques

I know that it’s difficult to ask for help, and even more challenging to make changes. I respect these limitations and move at each person’s pace, meeting them wherever they may be in their personal growth process within their respective culture.

As a person-centered therapist, I realize that the most important part of any therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. It is in that spirit that I work; adapting my approach to each individual.

I use a variety of methods and techniques depending on the needs of my clients. This can include Psychodynamic, Attachment, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Mindfulness, and Gottman Method Couples Therapy, among others.


Master of Counseling – Webster University Geneva (CH)

Bachelor of Psychology – University of Toledo (US)

Certifications and Licenses

Droit de pratique complémentaire in the Canton of Geneva

Professional Member of the American Counseling Association

Member of ASCA for the practice of psychology and psychotherapy

Graduate from a Swiss Association of Counseling (SGfB) Master’s of Counseling program

Further Qualifications

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